• What is the National Golf League? How does it work?

    The National Golf League is a nationwide network of leagues that culminates in provincial/regional playoffs and a national championship contested at the 2024 RBC Canadian Open in support of First Tee – Canada. The NGL competition format will be a 9-hole net stableford competition taking place during 6 weeks in your club’s league season. Within those 6 weeks of competition, the best 4 scores will be used to determine individuals that will advance to the next stage of competition – the NGL Regional Playoffs.

    Each qualifier into the NGL Regional Playoffs will be able to bring along a guest teammate from their NGL league to form a 2-person team that will take place at premium golf courses from coast-to-coast.

    Qualifiers from the Regional Playoffs will advance to the 2024 RBC Canadian Open at Hamilton Golf & Country Club.

  • Who is eligible to compete in the National Golf League?

    The National Golf League is open to all! Women, Men, Seniors, Juniors – everyone can participate in the National Golf League with a valid Golf Canada handicap.

  • Does the National Golf League change our existing league play?

    No. Your league and its traditions will continue as it has. Six weeks of your league season will be designated as major weeks by your League Administrator. Your top four weeks will contribute to your overall standing in the national league and chance to play in the Regionals and National Final.

  • How many players from my league will qualify for the NGL Regional Playoffs?

    For local women’s NGL leagues, there will be one playoff spot available for every 20 participants. For local men’s NGL leagues, there will be one playoff spot available for every 30 participants.

    In addition, each playoff qualifier will select a partner from their NGL league as their guest teammate for the playoffs.

    For example, in a women’s league of 60 players, there will be 3 qualifying spots available for the NGL Regional Playoffs, and each of these 3 qualifiers will also be able to invite a guest teammate (i.e., for a total of 6 playoff participants – 3 teams of 2 – from this local NGL women’s league).

    The NGL Regional Playoffs and NGL National Championship are net competitions that are inclusive of all golfers, regardless of gender, and will take place in September and October 2023.

  • What scoring system are you using?

    We will be using a Net Stableford competition for the regular season (click here for more info)

  • How are the Stableford Points calculated?
    Score on Hole Points
    Net Double Bogey or Worse 0
    Net Bogey 1
    Net Par 2
    Net Birdie 3
    Net Eagle 4
    Net 3 under par 5
    Net 4 under par 6


  • How will the NGL scores be accumulated? What scoring software do you recommend for our club?

    We will be exclusively using Golf Genius TMS to aggregate all league scores to determine your club’s leaderboard and finalize who will be qualifying for the Regional Playoffs at your club.

    Each club will be responsible to identify 6 weeks on their league calendar from June 1st through August 31st for NGL league competition, called NGL Majors.

    Once your club has registered to participate in the NGL, within your GolfGenius account, you’ll be able to create a specific NGL league to:

    1. A) Set your roster of NGL participants
    2. B) Determine which 9-hole course you’d like to count towards your club’s NGL leaderboard
    3. C) Select which days will be known as NGL Major Weeks.
  • Is there a registration fee to participate in the NGL?

    No, there is no registration fee to participate. However, we will be asking all participants to make a tax-deductible charitable contribution to support First Tee in their local province.

    Golf Canada membership is required for participation to ensure handicap equity between participants.

    There will be an entry fee for the NGL Regional Playoffs, which will be contested at premium golf courses across Canada. The NGL National Championship is an all-expenses paid experience in 2024.

  • Why is Golf Canada membership required to participate in NGL?

    Golf Canada membership is required to ensure that official Handicap Indexes are used. Equity, through the Handicap Index, is important to ensure national consistency and integrity of competition.

  • How do I register my league to be a NGL participating league in 2023? (for league operators)

    Please contact your local Golf Canada Regional Director (contact information below) to let us know of your interest in participating in the National Golf League in 2023.

    A limited number of spots remain available for your league to participate in the NGL in our first year of operations, so please act quickly.

    Once confirmed, we will work with Golf Genius to ensure your club has the ability to create the NGL league within your Golf Genius account.

  • I am a league player how do I join the National Golf League?

    Participation in 2023 is currently limited to players registered in leagues that have signed on as NGL founding members. If your league is a founding member, ask your league administrator to submit your name to the roster.

  • Are there any marketing materials or collateral that I can share with my golfers to let them know that we will be a NGL participating club?

    Yes. Email templates and marketing materials will be provided to ease in the distribution of communication around your club’s NGL participation. Once you confirm your NGL roster, an email will go out to all participating golfers explaining the format and how the NGL works.

    Please contact our team of Regional Directors (see below) to obtain marketing materials related to the NGL. A Sizzle Reel, Explainer Video, Sell Sheets and NGL Deck is also available to drive awareness and create excitement at your club.

  • When will the NGL Regional Playoffs locations be announced?

    June 2023. All participants and NGL league operators will be notified via email.

  • What is First Tee – Canada?

    First Tee is a youth development program that provides accessible pathways to golf participation at schools, community centres, and golf courses across the country. It was started in 1997 in the United States and was introduced in Canada in 2021.

    First Tee is growing across the country, and aims to provide Canadian youth from all backgrounds the opportunity to play golf and experience its associated life skills and other benefits.

  • How can my club participate in supporting the First Tee – Canada?

    All NGL participants will be asked to support First Tee – Canada as part of their participation. We would love every NGL participant to support First Tee – Canada!

    All funds raised in your province will directly support your local First Tee chapter and help positively influence more children through golf.

    For more information on First Tee – Canada and our mission, please visit FirstTeeCanada.ca.

  • How do I get more involved or volunteer with the First Tee?

    Please visit www.firstteecanada.ca/chapters to find your local chapter’s website. Alternatively, you can email firsttee@golfcanada.ca and a First Tee – Canada team member will be in touch.

  • We don’t have First Tee at my club, how can we be a First Tee Canada program location?

    To become a First Tee program location, the PGA of Canada coaches at your facility are required to complete First Tee training. Your respective First Tee provincial chapter will work with you to determine what level of training is required for your facility. To find your local chapter’s website, click here.

    For more information on how your club can become a First Tee – Canada location, or how you can support First Tee at community centres and schools nearby, email firsttee@golfcanada.ca.

  • My friend plays at a different golf club, can they join NGL?

    This year we’re looking to work with specific clubs to provide the best experience possible, please contact your local Regional Director (contact information below) to determine if spots are still available in your local golf market.

  • Who runs the NGL?

    The National Golf League is operated, sanctioned, and run by Golf Canada

  • How will Golf Canada administer the handicap component of the NGL?

    The Golf Canada Handicap Index is an average of your best 8 scores of the most recent 20 rounds of golf. All golfers are required to have a valid Golf Canada Handicap Index to participate in the NGL.

    Based on initial feedback we have received from league operators around the country, and in compliance with the World Handicap Authority, we are ready to launch a League Indicator feature in 2023.

    This calculation will be an adjustment to an individual’s playing handicap based on performance trends in the specific league night(s) they are participating in.

    By using the Golf Genius software, we’ll be able to accurately identify league scores, and subsequently create a League Indicator adjustment from their current Golf Canada Handicap Index on an as-requested basis in 2023.

    The League Indicator feature will be available for use in your league play, but the Official Golf Canada Handicap Index will be used for NGL leaderboards and determining winners, etc.

    For League Operators interested in learning more, please consult the NGL Operator Manual.

  • Is there a Registration Fee for the NGL Regional Playoffs or the NGL National Championship?

    There will be a registration fee for the NGL Regional Playoffs taking place at premium courses across Canada.

    The NGL National Championship will be completely covered. Participants will receive air fare, hotel for one night, welcome reception the night prior and your round of golf at Hamilton Golf & Country Club. Your participation in the NGL National Final will also feature a welcome gift.

  • How will tie breakers be decided?


Regional Director Contacts

Western Canada (BC/AB/SK/MB) – Doug Hastie (dhastie@golfcanada.ca)

Ontario – Mike Dinner (mdinner@golfcanada.ca)

Quebec – Rilla Kingston (rkingston@golfcanada.ca

Atlantic Canada (NB/NS/NL/PEI) – Jeffrey Hutt (jhutt@golfcanada.ca)